miércoles, 7 de junio de 2017

See you!

I would like to thank you all for a wonderful year. It has been a pleasure spending parts of my Tuesday evenings with you.  I hope I was able to help you practice and improve your use of English, or at the very least make class fun and entertaining.  I wish everyone a fun, happy, and safe summer.  I am looking forward to returning to Palencia next year.

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miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017


We touched on this topic a little bit in yesterday´s class and next week I´d like to explore it more in depth.
A popular topic in the USA is diversity. Why is it important? Should it matter?  
This article writes about the benefits of diversity:

This article talks about my city and how it has become the most diverse city in the U.S.  It does get a little political, but that isn´t the focus of the article.


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I hope you find this topic intersting and I´ll see you on Tuesday.

Proverbes français

Je vous envoies dès maintenant le sujet de la semaine prochaine. Préparez quelques expressions, proverbes français que vous connaissez. Quant à moi je vous apporterai deux autres types de langages français!

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miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017


Pour la conversation de jeudi, je voudrais parler de l'éducation, de la jeunesse espagnoles mais aussi françaises. Et sur les 10 dernières minutes je vous proposerai une courte activité sur le langage!
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Villages are one of the most interesting things to me about Spain. I´d like to see if we could have a chat about villages.  Do you have a village?  When do you go?  What do you like about it?  How has it changed?  What does the future hold for it?

Are you interested in being the owner of a village?  You can buy entire villages in Spain.

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Don´t have enough money?  Don´t worry- here´s one for free: